The next month, on one of the most important Orthodox Feasts, Dormition of Mary, employees will get a day off. Dormition of the Mother of God, which is celebrated annually on August 15, is a legal holiday, according to the Romanian Labor Code.

This year St. Mary will be on a Thursday, and employees who have not used up all their annul leave days have the chance to build up a 4-day mini-holiday. Private company employers can, however, grant this day off, working hours being subsequently covered either by prolonging the normal working schedule or on a Saturday.

By the end of the year Romanians will have four legal holidays:

  • Saint Andrew  – November 30, which will be celebrated this year on a Saturday
  • National Day of Romania – December 1, on Sunday
  • December 25 and 26, First and Second Christmas Day  – which are going to be on Wednesday and Thursday this year.

In the case of companies with continuous workflow, when free days cannot be granted, the Labor Code provides compensations for the adequate time off within the next 30 days. If no days are available, employees receive an increase in the basic salary of at least 100%.

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