PASSION – the key element that makes the difference at work

Steve Jobs said that “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Obviously we can only agree with him. Passion is an ingredient that makes the difference in achieving your goals at work and even if there will be times when you will feel tired or stressed if you like what you do, you will be able to get over them more easily.

But what does PASSION include?! Letter by letter, we analyzed the key skills that a passionate employee has. How many of these can be found in your CV?!

P is for perseverent

Have you ever wondered what the secret of successful people is? What was their secret recipe? How did they maintain their motivation when their results were below expectations?

Thomas Edison said of his many unsuccessful attempts to produce the light bulb: “I have not failed 1000 times. I didn’t fail even once. I discovered 1000 ways the light bulb doesn’t work. Once I’ve eliminated the ways it doesn’t work, I’ll find out how it works. ”

The perseverance with which you go in the direction of your dreams is, therefore, the one that will give the measure of success.

A is for autodidact

The best thing that happens to us in life is that we never stop learning. Constantly new skills, new techniques, new ideas … Warren Buffet is famous for spending a lot of time reading, and the best-known entrepreneurs have a modest attitude towards their knowledge: they never pretend to know everything. Decartes said a few hundred years ago Cogito, ergo sum (I think, so I exist). Today, when information is just a click away, the opportunities to grow are endless. It is important to keep this passion alive in order to learn it and to practice it whenever the opportunity arises.

S is for serious

In your career, it is important what you do, but also what is visible for the others. It is important, therefore, to be proactive, to keep your promises, deadlines, to promise less and deliver more, to openly acknowledge when you made a mistake and to work with and not against others.

I is for involved

An employee who gets involved in what he does has an emotional connection to his job, a well-defined purpose and energy that you feel immediately. Such an employee will not say “it is not in my job description” or “I am not paid to do that.”

U is for unique

Yes, we know: no one is irreplaceable, but some employees make these replacements more difficult to achieve than others. A job is not just about doing your work. It’s about how you interact with others, about the energy you transmit, about how much you care. These are the pluses that a passionate employee brings to work and are not only difficult to quantify but also difficult to compensate when the employee decides to leave.

N is for natural

Oscar Wilde is credited with a well-known saying: “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. ”

To be you means to accept yourself fully, with your pluses and vulnerabilities, with your failures and achievements and not be afraid to recognize them.

E is for enthusiast

Etymologically, the word enthusiasm is derived from the Greek “En Teos” and translates as “inner god”, “god within us”, “our god”. In ancient Greece, enthusiasm was associated with Dionysus, “the one who was born twice,” the god of the vine and drunkenness, because it refers to a state of consciousness that has its roots beyond the world of changing circumstances and is represented, symbolically, through drunkenness.

An enthusiast can be tired after a lot of work, but he can never be bored and weak, he can not be pessimistic or depressed. An enthusiast is not guided by circumstances, by mass opinions and cannot be manipulated. An enthusiast is never gray because he does not wander endlessly in the world of mental “patterns” and is able to be a pioneer, regardless of the field in which he expresses himself.

I often hear people going around Disgusting. It’s kind of understandable: we don’t all have great luck doing just what we like at work. But, there is definitely something there that you have been preparing for years, which has brought you joy at some point. It’s time to rediscover what brought you where you are.

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