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Every day at work we build relationships with others: colleagues, customers, suppliers and collaborators. These are the connections that influence our quality of professional life, both in terms of the results obtained and in terms of satisfaction.
Ever since we were children, we have been learning to say thank you even before we know the alphabet, and this happens not only because it is polite, but also because of the feeling that this word gives us.
The desire to be appreciated and to appreciate influences the labor relations the most. We are happy when others thank us and, in this way, we become more involved in our daily activities.
In other words, saying “thank you” positively influences the work environment. Not being satisfied and not being satisfied at work makes you and those around you feel insecure and underestimated.
But how to show your gratitude to colleagues? Here are some tips.
A few words of encouragement or a smile in a sad moment can radically change someone’s day. Even a polite gesture, such as offering a coffee or a snack to a colleague, helps to improve the relationship and to collaborate in harmony, which makes the professional activity more productive. Also, positive feedback from the manager or an explicit and sincere thanks urges the employee to be more efficient. But it is not enough to think of simply saying “thank you”; when you say it, you have to show that thank you comes from the heart.
Each of us has various reasons to thank our colleagues for a favor or for the help they received at a difficult time. Thanking a colleague who helped us achieve a goal is useful for us as well as for him. In fact, we will be pleased that we have shown our gratitude and, in turn, those who receive “thanks” will feel appreciated.
During the program, it is important and useful to take a few minutes to think about something or someone you are grateful for, either professionally or personally. Every day, write down in a journal the positive things and facts for which you are grateful. This little exercise will help you focus on what brings you joy.
For gratitude to trigger a positive response, it is necessary to come from the heart. If you use this word only as a gesture of courtesy, it is likely to have no effect. So it is good to specify the reason for your gratitude, saying for example: “Thank you because, thanks to your commitment and patience, we have managed to do an excellent job.”
Gratitude helps us to have both a good psyche and peace of mind.
It’s no secret that being grateful can influence your mood in a positive way. Studies in the field recognize an association between a person’s gratitude and well-being.
Let’s not forget that thanks it must always come from the heart, and during this period, and not only, we also want to thank all those on the front line for the sacrifice and dedication they have shown in these difficult times for all of us! You are our heroes!
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Article by Loredana Lutescu

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