How to work more efficiently from home?

Yes, we know that most of you, like us, have been working from home for some time now. But can you say that you consider yourself a specialist when it comes to working remotely efficiently? If your answer is YES, we can only be happy for you, but if you have problems concentrating, or you fail to be very productive, the 10 tips below will be of great help to you during telework periods.

Being efficient from home can be a real challenge. We are distracted either by the child or by the life partner, the cat or the puppy, etc. The office atmosphere, the coffee from the machine and the face-to-face communication are missing. But there are quite a few ways you can work productively from any location.

Whether you work from home full time or only on certain days, the tips below can help you when you work remotely!

For starters, it’s a good idea to have a fixed work schedule to be productive. Yes, we know that the temptation to postpone the alarm, to take more breaks exists, but we must resist the temptations. Think that a chaotic program can only hurt you.

What should you keep in mind when scheduling your work schedule?

– the time of day when your manager needs you
– synchronization with office colleagues and clients
– the time of day when you are most productive

Remember: during working hours, behave as if you were at the office!


I said above that it is important to work when you have a work schedule. It is equally important to respect your personal schedule. Don’t work too hard. Burnout can also happen at home.

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to work continuously or be available by phone all the time. It is very important to set some boundaries. So, when you make your work schedule, make a schedule for your free time. And respect it!!!

Extra tip:


Now that we have established that the work schedule and the personal one are very important, it is good to talk about how a working day goes and how you plan it! Even before you start working, make sure you know what your urgencies and priorities are for that day, how long it will take to do them, and what you can do in case you finish faster.

What to keep in mind when doing this planning?

– Take care of the most urgent tasks for the first time
– Plan your day according to your chronotype – take care of the hardest tasks in the morning (if you don’t know what a chronotype is and especially what is yours, check this out:
– Don’t forget to plan your breaks so as not to be extreme (take too many or too few)


If you have read carefully so far, then you have just finished planning the program (professional and personal), which includes breaks. When you have scheduled your break, it is advisable to get up from the office, take a breath of fresh air, go out on the balcony/terrace, eat a healthy snack and, if you have someone, talk to someone. All these activities will help you to practically reset, to set your blood in motion and to prepare for the next round of tasks.

Don’t forget to determine from the beginning HOW long this break lasts to give in to temptations!


Yes, we know, pajamas are extremely comfortable, we all love them, now it seems more than before! Our brains are programmed for certain activities and receive signals when a certain activity starts depending on our actions, so the moment you start brushing your teeth, showering and getting dressed, he knows it’s work time and it will charge with energy!

Maybe you have some clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time or maybe you have an outfit that you haven’t worn to work so far, now is the perfect time to see how you feel about it.

If you fall into the high category of people who do not have a little energy in the morning (high five), especially to prepare for work, arrange your outfit in the evening or, even better, go out with a friend immediately after work as to feel a little bound to wear something else.


Working on the couch, armchair or even in bed are some of the biggest temptations when it comes to remote work, plus they are very demotivating. Try to work at the office, so that when you sit at it, your brain knows it’s in the work time mood.

Try to build an office at home. Put a comfortable chair, a large table and tools to help you do your job easier. Don’t forget to personalize your office as you certainly did with the one at work.


When it comes to working from home, we have to think about limits. What do we mean? For children, pets, a partner or roommates. Be clear from the beginning about your work schedule and ask them not to bother you during that time to focus better. Okay, maybe you’ll have some work to do. But you can do it: D How about making a sign with a funny message for when you work?

  • A Little Housekeeping…

Unlike the office, you don’t have a clerk at home to help you with the cleaning, so you have to take care of yourself. Keeping the office and the room where you work clean helps you to be focused, organized and productive. This advice does not only apply to the room where you work, but to the whole house.

That we kept talking about that program, here is a new activity that needs to be included in the agenda. 🙂

  • Get inspired

Do you like listening to heavy metal songs or maybe the podcasts of a certain life coach, but at work, you couldn’t fully enjoy them? Now is a perfect time! : D This is one of the advantages of working from home: office colleagues can’t distract you.

Look for various methods that can increase your level of inspiration at work and see which is best for you!


I said above that the advantage of working from home is that you are no longer distracted by colleagues, well … this is also a disadvantage. But you don’t have to lose touch with them just because you work from home. Send them a nice and motivating email at the beginning of the week, schedule a meeting on skype or, following the current rules, of course, meet face to face!

Now that you have everything you need to be productive, all you have to do is practice intensively. Good luck! And when you’re ready to draw conclusions, let us know. Have the days when you work from home become your most productive days? 🙂

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