When was the last time you updated your LinkedIN profile?

Will LinkedIn surpass the popularity of the Facebook platform? No, not yet, at least! But the number of people who have created an account on this platform has reached an impressive figure of 675 million members, an increase of 15 million users compared to November, according to @SocialMediaToday (http://bit.ly/37iS7MC). 


The number of accounts created should not be confused with the number of active users which, unfortunately, does not increase at the same rate as the number of accounts, but we give you some suggestions below to become more present on LinkedIn.


  • Profile photo/cover


 A representative, clear profile photo that conveys professionalism and a personalized background cover are the first elements that attract the attention of a recruiter.

  • Summary

Focus on the most relevant details of your career, do not use jargon, use the same person throughout the text and be open.

  • Grammar nazzi  

Pay attention to the texts and distributions you make on this channel. There is no room for grammar or typos;

  • Personal branding

Add interesting sections about you – LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to add sections about volunteering, languages spoken, awards, certifications, causes which you support etc.;

  • Update, update, update!  

Many recruiters research candidates on LinkedIn and you certainly want to find all the information about you to receive a new job offer;

  • Networking

Connect with new people – let’s not forget that it is a networking channel after all, and if a new contact suggestion seems important to you for your professional development, send it a personalized invitation;

  • Keep it professional

Post or share relevant, professional, interesting content for your contacts and remember – if you think it’s the right information for Facebook or Instagram, then DO NOT post it on LinkedIn as well;

  • Join groups  

Look for interesting groups for you, whether it’s a group of a company you appreciate or a group with people from the same professional field as yours, be active there as well;

  • Be positive  

Do not leave negative or malicious comments; write a nice comment to people who achieve their goals ?



Even though the content is becoming more casual, and users have started posting content that isn’t always related to the professional environment, LinkedIn remains an important source of candidates for employers, but also by jobs for future employees, so be active. 


When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile?


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