Innovation is a keyword that you certainly hear everywhere. In fact, at work, this word has become synonymous with fame and money, being at the same time a tool that can make the company much more competitive. But what is innovation? According to the Romanian dictionary, innovation is “novelty, change, modification. ♦ Solving a problem of technique or work organization in order to improve (productivity) work, technical improvement, etc. ”. In short, innovation is nothing but a change that turns a situation or a status quo into a good one.

But how can innovation be applied in a company or in a department? Do you have to create a revolutionary product to be considered innovative?! Of course not! Innovation means any improvement of processes or the proposal of original, interesting and non-conformist ideas.


Even if it seems cliché and banal advice, appearances can be misleading! Our brains tend to take a break when we are in a routine, when we use the same strategies and, for this reason, it is harder for us to be innovative. To innovate means to take risks. As we know, the brain produces ideas based on behaviors and patterns already seen in the past because they are considered safer. But how can this mentality change? There are some daily challenges that can be prepared to get you out of the routine and think “out of the box”. In this regard, we recommend the following video:


Apparently, it’s a selfless gesture, but in fact, helping others solve their problems helps you expand your skills. Many of the actions we take during the day are automatic: this implies that many decisions will not be based on analytical thinking. When you help others solve problems, we practically force ourselves to think of solutions outside our routine. This type of behavior also helps to improve creativity.


In private and professional life, we tend to always refer to people who have the same mentality and vision of the world, because they will always be ready to support our theories when necessary. It is helpful to work with people who understand and think like you, but not always. So, when possible, surround yourself with people who have a different mindset from yours and who want to give you feedback. It is impossible to grow without understanding the point of view of people who have different visions. It will not be easy to adapt to differences and criticisms, but in this way, it will be possible to solve situations that were previously impossible to manage.


If you are locked in your own world, it is difficult to innovate. Innovation means connecting different knowledge that has nothing to do with each other and creating something new, but to do that, you have to have new knowledge. Discover new things so you can combine them with old experiences. Read new articles, attend courses and seminars or discover new sources of information. You don’t have to become an expert in other fields, but simply have knowledge in as many fields as possible.

In conclusion, we wish you a lot of creativity and innovative ideas. Also, don’t forget, step by step things happen!

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