5 jobs you can do from home

There were times when working from home meant only simple manufacturing, mistery shopping or MLM schemes. From Rainbow vacuum cleaners, however, things have evolved and more and more often, larger companies include partial or complete work from home.

And even if today you still have chances to go over your old jobs, the way technology and social networks have developed gives us access to much more.

What jobs would you like to look for online?

If you speak well foreign languages such as Spanish, Italian, French or German, you have a very good chances of finding a work from home job. There are several multinational companies recruiting Customer Service Associates whose main responsibility is to interact with various communities in the portfolio and support their requests and inquiries. All you have to do is have a quiet room, a telephone and a computer with good internet connection. You can earn between 500 and 1000 euro, depending on your performance.

Translators are also looked for. Although certifications might be required to carry out this activity, there are roles where only fluency is important. In Romania there are over 36,000 translators who practice this job either part time or full time. Earnings vary based on experience, the volume of pages translated in a month, and the language in and from which they translate. For translations into / from English, for example, a translator can earn between 500 and 2000 euro / month, but the price per page for rare languages can change these earnings significantly.

On a simple search on one of the most popular job boards, there are over 400 jobs for Web Developers.  That doesn´t come as a surprise. IT specialists are still highly looked for. “The forecasts for the IT job market, including for web development, are extremely optimistic and in favor of specialists or those who want to specialize in this field: in 2020, the demand for information technology specialists will triple in comparison with the 95,000 specialists we currently have, “IT Step writes. You can read more about it here.

Freelance writer

It is no surprise to journalists that journalism has moved online. Blogs and websites always need updated content, fresh ideas and people with energy. On a first search, the offers may be discouraging, but good quality, SEO-optimized articles with unique content and a well-documented back stories, with perfect grammar and spelling, easy to read text and, obviously, with a relevant title to attract are highly appreciated. If you know how to choose your projects and you can negotiate them properly a good Content Writer can earn up to 1,200 euro per month.

Social Media Specialist

Online work seems to be available to anyone. But things are not quite so. A good Social Media Manager is intuitive, patient, visionary, empathetic, sociable, extrovert, creative, open-minded and has good skills in copywriting, synthesis and analysis, concentration, strategic thinking, project management skills, is a little “Nazi grammar” in Romanian and English, has some knowledge of photo editing and Analytics. Rewards may vary accordingly and, depending on the number of the accounts managed, earnings can go up to 1500-2000 €/ month.

Working from home involves a lot of self-discipline, and sometimes it may seem difficult to synchronize your time and energy with the other members of the team, with projects, and resist the temptation to stay a little longer in bed, or to spend more time on anything else distracting. But, it time, this might be a solution embraced by more and more employees and employers.

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