Where do we find those spaces where creativity is predominant?!… Maybe in an art studio, a theater or in a children’s playroom? But we can bet you haven’t thought about your office for a moment.

A study by LinkedIn shows that one of the top 5 soft skills required by employers today is creativity. This applies not only to jobs that are by definition creative, but to any job where the employee has to deal with increasingly transversal changes, innovation and demand for skills.

But the question is whether we are born creative or develop our creativity over time?! We do not intend to enter into debates on this issue. Imagination and creativity can be developed and improved by each of us through a few simple tricks. Which are these?!

We’ve put together some ideas that we hope will help you


Curiosity and passion are a perfect duo. Make sure from the beginning that what you are doing is not just a job. From here, things come pretty easy because, if you like what you do, you will also be curious to find out news, to be informed, to be up to date with the latest discoveries. Ask yourself why things are a certain way, why certain changes happen, how they happen. This curiosity will help you to understand better the environment in which you work and how to find practical solutions to complex problems.


A classic but still current piece of advice: Think out of the box. The same working methods from 3 years ago or the same old-fashioned tools will definitely not help you develop your creativity. Leave the door open for the unconventional ways and be open to new perspectives.


Being constantly rational can be tiring and detrimental to creativity. Practice has often shown us that the best ideas are born of intuition, that is, of that way of processing information that takes place in our unconscious and over which we have no direct control. How many times has it happened to you that this intuition whispers the right answer to you long before a logic-guided reasoning?! Trust her!


Always the same dish, the same hobbies or, daily, the same songs … Apparently relaxing activities. However, when you try new experiences you activate stimuli that will cause your mind to learn by the ever-changing patterns and … you will help your creativity.


Have you ever wondered why when you’re in the shower, on the couch or walking your dog, you have your best ideas? This is because you are relaxed and your mind is freer. On the contrary, when you are at work you often happen to be tense or nervous, aspects that do not encourage creativity. So try to reduce stress at the office: listen to a good song, take a short walk or exchange a few words with colleagues.

In the current context, creativity has become more important than ever. We need new ways of approaching projects and situations, people who dare to step out of their comfort zone, constantly provoke their curiosity and push their limits more and more.

How creative do you consider yourself?

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