How to be more enthusiastic at your job?

Enthusiasm: a term derived from the Greek en (inside) and thèos (god). To be excited literally means to have a god inside. The ancient Greeks believed that enthusiasm was a kind of impulse, inspired by a god who influenced poets, priests and wizards.


Today it is essential to meet this one god at work: enthusiasm turns the most ambitious goals into achievable goals and the most difficult situations into incentives to improve actions.


But how do you find the right motivation to cope with more difficult days?


Here are 5 helpful tips to rekindle the flame of enthusiasm.


 1. Personalize your office with motivational images

A Caribbean beach, a photo of a person you admire, flowers or an inspirational quote are classic materials that help you be more enthusiastic at work. When you get tired less enthusiastic at work, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to look for a picture, a quote and a clip on Youtube (see also that inspire you.

2. Set a new goal

At the beginning of each week or each month, set a new goal to accomplish, along with the related activities for it. It can be about learning something new, such as taking a course that helps you in your activity, or a project that you have in the idea stage – now is the time to start implementing it.

3. Start each morning in a pleasant way

The way you start your day matters a lot. The entrepreneur Tim Ferriss says, “if you win the morning, you win the day.” The approach you start within the morning practically sets your mood throughout the day. So, make sure you start your mornings in a way that makes you happy and motivated. It doesn’t matter so much what you do (drink tea, meditate, sing in the shower …), but it does matter that there is a routine. Start the day with a smile and keep it until the end of the program!

4. Have fun with the colleagues from your office

It’s perfect when you’re friends with your co-workers. They can understand your professional life better than others. Also, having friends you see every day at work will make you happier, according to researchers. And these interactions help you stay more involved and productive, which is good for your career, not just for your mood. So share with them the last stand-up you’ve seen on the internet or set a schedule. These details improve both relationships: both professional and personal.


  1. Remember why you chose this job

Think again about what led you to choose this profession – and this specific profession – in the first place. What made you feel excited when you started? You probably feel the same way you did in the beginning, only you got used to certain aspects of your work. Also, another useful way to refresh your memory and enthusiasm is to guide someone who is at the beginning of the road.



It helps you a lot to love what you do. Research has found that people who are satisfied with their jobs are more productive. But it can be difficult to stay excited when you’ve been doing the same thing for a long time.


Who doesn’t want to love their job? Enjoying what you do comes with so many great benefits – there is no doubt that positivity is good for your career. In addition, being happy at work is really a reward. However, even if you choose a profession that really delighted you, it can be hard to sustain that enthusiasm day in and day out, year after year, but not impossible!


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