To effectively manage and lead an organization, management must guide its employees and develop problem-solving techniques. No one is shunned by special situations. So: to hope that it will not happen to you is a desideratum doomed to failure from the very beginning. Obviously, it is equally important to anticipate and try to find solutions to avoid these unpleasant moments, but when you face a problem make sure you follow the four simple steps we have left below:


It often happens that we do not understand the real difficulty of the situation we are facing. In order to reach a correct solution, it is useful to evaluate what is happening in-depth and to understand what is, in fact, to be solved. And, the clearer it is for us to address, the more effective the solutions will be in the long run.


Once the problem has been identified and analyzed to understand how it can be solved we can move on to the next step: the action plan. It is important to understand how we relate to the given situation and where we want to go, defining, at the same time, the objectives to be achieved. Each has its own strategy, which, of course, also depends on the scale of the problem in question. You may find it useful method STAR: Stop, Think, Act, Review! so we leave it here for inspiration. 🙂


Once we have established what we need to do, it is important to find some possible routes. Obviously, depending on the particularities of each, but also on our abilities, it is effective to select what suits us best.

  1. DO IT

And once the most appropriate solution has been chosen, it is time to implement the strategy. This is the phase in which the action plan takes shape. However, before acting, it is important to carefully organize each part of the plan, to monitor its implementation and, finally, to evaluate its results.

How do you approach problems? How efficient are you in being able to solve them?

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