Post-holiday stress!? What can we do about it?!

A holiday after the holiday … If this is your feeling when you get back to office after your holiday, it may be important to start planning more carefully your departure and return to the office. We’ve put together some recommendations, but we’d love to find out what your strategies are …


  1. Make a list of all the projects you are working on. When you get back, it’ll be it much easier to know what you’re going to do, but it’ll also help you …
  2. Delegate tasks that do not support postponement. Make sure, however, that those who take over your activities know what they have to do.
  3. Do not forget about your out of office and voicemail message..

HOLIDAY must be just a holiday.


  1. Do not go back to the office the next day. Take a couple of days to put your thoughts in order and give the mind the necessary time to get into the rhythm.
  2. Make your back-to-office day easier. Start with the list of projects you drafted before leaving and add any emergencies that can not be delayed: meetings, reports, materials that require immediate action.
  3. Discuss with colleagues. Before you sink back into work, it will do you good to have a little cha with your colleagues. And not to let them think it’s all about you, you can encourage the others to tell you about their holiday plans.
  4. Take breaks during the day.  It will not help you if you try to do everything that should have done while on holiday days and you wipe off its positive effects.

Studies show that when employees come back to the office and find a lot of work … all the relaxation they enjoyed on vacation immediately vanishes. Many are worried during the vacation, which keeps them away from the joy of recovery, pushing them to work when they actually have to relax and recharge their batteries.

Dr. David Ballard, Director of the American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence, underlined that the results of the 2018 Work and Well-Being Survey indicated that “for nearly two-thirds of those questioned, the positive effects went away within a few days of coming back to work.” Moreover, 21% of respondents indicated that they felt stressed or tense while on holiday … and 42% said that they dread returning to work.

We could say that holiday begins to become a problem itself, a problem that needs counseling. However, until holiday counselors appear, we need to give them all possible care and attention and make sure that we manage effectively this project that is first and foremost about us. Find all your resources for joy!
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