Today, the balance between professional and personal life is an important issue that influences our choices in life, because, in most cases, we fail to disconnect from work. The young generation is attentive, on the one hand, to sustainability issues, and on the other hand, they want to work in companies that do not completely take over their life but offer enough time for privacy. A real revolution, compared to the vision of previous generations.

Each of us has our own balance, different from the others – what we need to do is give ourselves the time to build it properly.

For some, the work they do is passion, for others not: the professional style of each of us is very different, unique, there is no general rule to help us detach ourselves from the job after the program or from personal problems when we are at work, but we have prepared some useful tips for you.


Use your strengths
Don’t try to take care of all the tasks. Focus on your strengths and outsource your business. It is important to have a well-established schedule and a list of tasks that are aimed at the person most able to handle them.

Organize your tasks
Let’s say you have a list of activities with 50 tasks, so it is advisable to organize those tasks in four categories.

Task organization suggestion:

Urgent and important
Important, but not urgent
Urgent, but not important
Neither urgent nor important.

Early bird or Night owl?
Are you a morning person? If so, allocate the morning to difficult tasks that require more concentration. Do not leave heavy tasks for the last hours of the program and vice versa.

Set the work schedule – and follow it
Set the proper working hours for you and do whatever it takes to respect them. Whether you continue to work on a telework basis, or you have resumed to your regular schedule, it is important to have a set time of day when you work to have an adequate pace.

Make a long-term plan
Create a calendar of your activities. You can use Google Calendar or customize your own Excel spreadsheet or Word table. Another useful tool can be OneNote, also for projects you share with the team, you can successfully use Google Drive.

Table tip: Put the data on top and the activities on the left side. Divide each task into sub-activities. Include aspects of your personal life – such as holidays, birthdays, etc., so that you don’t forget that you are unavailable for work in those days.

Customize your workspace
Whether you work in the office or work from home, customizing your own workspace has equally beneficial effects in both cases. Invest in the necessary things: a comfortable chair, an ergonomic keyboard, a laptop stand, paintings with personalized messages, etc. Also, put at hand the objects you use constantly: your favorite pens and pencils, a notebook or others.

Do more of what you love
Don’t forget your passions and give them the time they deserve. It will energize you and help you think creatively. At the same time, it will increase your level of happiness, satisfaction and will make you more productive on all levels.

You will never do a good job professionally if you are not satisfied with all aspects of your life. Dedicating too many hours to work can, in fact, reduce your quality of work and will be reflected in other aspects of your life. Managing your professional and personal life is essential to make the most of everything you do, and critical thinking about how you spend your time and energy is necessary to balance the balance.

Remember, we have only one life and we must enjoy it to the fullest! 🙂

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