What can help me choose my career?

When it comes to choosing a career, there are plenty of factors. It is important to make the right choice because it is important to have a balance between professional and personal activities.

We have prepared several questions for you, which we hope will help you choose a career.

  1. Can I have the lifestyle I want with this career?

Your lifestyle requires certain needs which, in turn, depend on certain factors, for example, if you have children or if you want to travel a lot.

Does this mean your work needs to offer flex-options?

Of course! If you want to travel or have a large family, you need a certain amount of money to afford that lifestyle. These are very important aspects that you must take into account when choosing a career!

  1. Does This Career Challenge Me?

Imagine being a talented professional athlete and competing against kids in elementary school. Sure, you are going to win every match, but you will not feel the same satisfaction as if you were challenged by other talented professionals.

Choosing a career requires assessing opportunities for growth and advancement.

This is important because the chosen career will allow you to gain new skills, additional education and expand your knowledge base.

  1. Who Can Mentor Me?

You have already finished college/master’s degree, but you feel that things, instead of becoming clear, appear even more unknown. You have certain baggage of knowledge, and if you want to learn more, you will have to experiment on your own or learn from someone else’s experiences.

When you know someone who is already in the field you want to work in, you will have a person to ask for guidance. He can share what he has learned and give you tips on how to build a career.

Will you need a certification or additional education?

  1. What Would I Do for Free?

You probably know people who have a very good salary, and yet they feel dissatisfied. They work at a job where they feel like they’re losing a piece of them every day. Most careers need more than a love for financial advantage to grow.

Instead of convincing yourself to believe that you are doing what is necessary, imagine the career you would pursue for free and with pleasure. Many people are trapped in jobs that do not give them satisfaction. The reasons for this happen are various: the need for money, the need for stability, the fear of giving up, or because they do not want to leave the comfort zone.

It is said that fall in love with what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. If it’s not about a full-time job, then maybe a part-time or a freelancing project that will bring you this job satisfaction for pleasure, can be the key to a successful career.

  1. Do I continue to grow?

One of the most common reasons why people are disappointed with their job is that it is no longer growing.

Choosing a career is more than making money and having job security, it is also about that feeling you are learning new things.

  1. Does it fit my personality?

Your personality can also influence your career. You can find plenty of information online about choosing a career based on your personality type. Among the most relevant materials is the work of John Holland – Holland’s Theory of Career Choice.

For example:

  • if you are a realistic person you will find jobs like Mechanical Engineer, Aviator or forestry and construction occupations
  • if you are a curious person/explorer, jobs like Biologist, Mathematician, Economist, Surgeon
  • if you are an extrovert, people like you Psychologist, Social Worker, Teacher, Counselor
  • if you are a proactive person, with an entrepreneurial spirit, jobs like you are suitable Manager, Lawyer, Market Researcher, HR Manager, Salesman
  • if you are a creative and artistic person, jobs like Artistic Occupations, Reporter, Architect, Stylist, Designer

7. Where Do I Want to Live?

Tell me where you want to live and I’ll tell you what career to choose.

You must be strategic in where you choose to live to provide yourself the best opportunity to succeed. If you prefer to choose the location according to their children or family, you will want to analyze which are the predominant professions in your area. If you can find a company that has a local headquarters in your area, then keep an eye on their promotional channels to see what job offers they have.

These eight questions are a great starting point when it comes to choosing a career that suits you.

At different stages of your life, the answers to these will change. You will desire to make more money, a change of scenery, or a simpler life so you can spend more time with loved ones.

Whatever the reason, start with these questions to outline clear starting goals, which will help you choose a career that suits your desires and needs.

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